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VAT EDUCATIONNAL « Make VAT an ace for your business »

11 septembre 2018|8 h 45 min > 12 h 15 min


In 2015, €7.5 Billion VAT to recover AND only €2 Billion recovered (OECD). In principle, most of the VAT incurred on business expenses linked to organizing an event is refundable.

When holding an event organizer must know:

1. What are the key issues for recovering VAT?
2. When and where should the VAT be handled?
3. Why/When does a not-for-profit association register for VAT?
4. If all services are charged with VAT?


During the session, the speaker, using concrete cases, offers a presentation for everyone to understand the meaning and scope of these issues.

The session:

Part 1 – The European VAT rules:
Designation of the place of supply (The Directive 2006/138/EC)
How to recover the VAT?
EU business Non-EU business

Part 2 – Case study – A not for profit organizing an international congress, abroad.
VAT on revenues: Visitors/exhibitors/sponsors
VAT on expenses: Congress room/Accommodation/catering/marketing


About the speaker:

BC&A is a Consultant group specialized in the management and recovery of VAT for business events. Over the past 15 years BC&A has taken care of the VAT for hundreds of events, some as large as 15,000 participants.

Due to its unparalleled knowledge of the event industry, BC&A has been invited to publish journal articles, to host an informative webinar for PCMA and was recently invited to present at IMEX and PCMA’s Convening Leaders.




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