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Educational Workshops: VAT for Events for Accountants and CFO’s

15/11|8 h 30 min > 12 h 00 min


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Solutions for optimizing VAT recovery and VAT compliance when organizing a conference in Europe

In recent years the EU VAT laws have undergone comprehensive changes that each member country has had to implement.
Interpreting these changes can be confusing and may leave the planner with many unanswered questions.
When not handled properly, such VAT issues can have significant financial implications.
When the organizer complies with the European and nationals VAT regulations, he is entitled to recover the full amount of VAT that has been charged. Hence, he can substantially decrease his total costs.
Following BC&A’s workshop and expert guidance allows several advantages:
1/ Maximum recovery by the organizer and the participants
2/ Full understanding and compliance with national and European laws
3/ VAT recovery in all countries in EU
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